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Top 5 Audiobooks of all time

As an avid reader with a hectic lifestyle, I often find it hard to find time to read for endless hours. Audiobooks have become my saviour when it comes to achieving my yearly Goodreads goal and I have had an Audible subscription for over two years now, listening any chance I get. With over 25 books in my library, I have encountered an...interesting array of narrators and they can make or break a book and so today I am sharing which books were the best adapted for audio.

Since I am an Audible affiliate, I have a link that offers you a free audiobook if you sign up for a monthly subscription, which you can cancel anytime and keep your free book forever. Or if you wish to try Audible for a few months at a discount (offer ends 13th December), at £3.99 a month for 4 months. Again you can keep all books even if you cancel your subscription.

1. Harry Potter

Stephen Fry's rendition of the series is my favourite collection of audiobooks. You feel as though he is reading a bedtime story an…

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