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Habits of a London Writer by Jeremy DeCoursey

Today I am pleased to welcome Jeremy DeCoursey, author of I have a Hunch to That Fiction Life. His debut book follows Alice, who is tasked with solving a murder mystery with her Uncle Humphrey, a world-famous detective in London. I can't wait to get reading because everyone knows that murder mysteries set in London are amongst my favourite books (Sherlock anyone?) and being able to find real-life locations from fiction is a huge pastime of mine. Jeremy is a master at knowing London inside out from his day-job as a Location Manager so you can believe the story is filled with fleshing out the best parts of the city. Keep on reading to learn all about his writing process! ________________________________________
Where I read
A huge perk of being a Location Manager is that I get to travel around the UK scouting and filming locations.Although, because of this I don’t get a huge amount of time to read. To make up for this however I tend to listen to a lot of audiobooks - they’re very handy…

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