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The Queen of Nothing theories

As the publication of the third and final book in the Folk of the Air trilogy looms near, it is time to let some of my theories into the void of the internet. The Queen of Nothing, based on where the series is heading, is promising to be a whirlwind of betrayals and angst and I for one am ready for Holly's patented scream out loud writing. This is also the perfect opportunity to mention that if you're in the UK and you pre-order the book before 23.59 on the 18th November 2019 and send proof of purchase to, you will be sent a special Cruel Prince pin and bookmark (full details and T&C's here).

Pre-order Queen of Nothing | Book Depository | Waterstones (exclusive edition with letters from Cardan) | Audible (free trial) | Amazon


Don't keep reading if you haven't read The Wicked King!

1. Jude can't pardon herself

Not a theory per se but a lot of readers have said that since Jude i…

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