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DIY Pop Culture Valentines Day Cards

Mixing DYI with pop culture is a huge recurring theme on ThatFictionLife, remember the Stele cake pops and Book cakes from Halloween? For Valentines, I designed cards themed around some of my favourite books and tv shows using free fonts from Design Bundles. With Valentines Day just around the corner, it’s the perfect time to start brainstorming all your loved one’s interests, as a card inspired by the fandom that means the most to them adds the perfect personal touch.

The first card is for all the Witches and Wizards who need a magical card. I adore all potions but the love potion is a huge part of the sixth Harry Potter Book, Half-Blood Prince so it takes centre stage on this design. I Included some extra bottles to truly represent a Potions Master collection along with some iconic magical books, which are essential for brewing potions. I used calligraphy inspired free fonts, Nostalgia and Nafeeza, so that the labels look more ornate. My favourite part of this card is most definitely…

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