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Sanctuary by V.V. James | Book Review

Genre: Adult Fantasy Mystery Themes:Crime, Family, Witchcraft Rating: 5/5 For Fans Of: Peter Grant Series, Big Little Lies, The Craft POV:Multiple
The new adult contemporary fantasy from V.V. James, author of the Dark Gifts trilogy (as Vic James), perfectly takes fictionalised witchcraft practices as well as real life social issues and blends them into an ideal crime thriller tale to add to your summer reading list. We follow a small fictional town of Sanctuary where the star quarterback dies at a house party, prompting a routine investigation by state police. The first to be accused is Harper Fenn, the ex-girlfriend of the deceased as well as the daughter of the only witch in town, because what other logical explanation can there be? As secrets about the town begin to unravel, the detective assigned to the case begins to question whether the perfect image portrayed by the residents is really all a mask covering some dark truths. 
With an abundance of murder mysteries being published e…

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