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What to buy Book lovers for Christmas (Last Minute Ideas!)

There are only two things book lovers have on their Christmas lists: 1. Books and 2. Merchandise of said books, so I have scoured the internet for the perfect gifts to get for your friends and family.

1. Special Editions of their favourite books

A lot of readers are collectors, they can never have enough copies of their favourite novel. Especially in a gorgeous binding or illustrated, often re-published as anniversary editions. Widgets
If you're in the US, click here for a great Amazon US selection.

2. Handmade merchandise gifts

I adore supporting small businesses over Christmas and there are endless handmade bookish gifts on sites like Etsy. Here are some of my favourites:

3. Literary Tea 

It's no secret British people drink more tea than water. We often sit in one place for hours at a time, devouring a book and it's always fitting to have a hot mug of tea to hand, especially in the winter. 
If you wish to go for a fancy regal-looking tea, I recommend Fortum &…

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