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Arc of a Scythe: A satisfying conclusion? | The Toll review

Neal Shusterman is a one of a kind writer, whose words have completely struck me ever since starting to read his works. Scythe was a standout publication and a stellar addition to the YA genre, so when I had the chance to interview its genius creator over coffee last year, I revelled in finding out just what goes on in the mind of such a skilful author. Not only that but having Neal on my channel to talk about the series further (if not in a more casual way, I mean we did sort the characters into Hogwarts houses), was an experience I'll never forget. The way he articulates his ideas across is second to none; the passion for writing shadows every word written.

The Arc of a Scythe trilogy perfectly captures how although humanity thinks it has conquered absolutely everything except death, it is not as easy as it sounds and even the most compassionate of professions (scythes control the population by 'gleaning'), can have corruption within it. The constant battle of morality …

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