The best Blogger Networks for 2020

It’s the greatest feeling in the world when you’ve developed your blog enough to be able to start making money. It is however very daunting when you’re just starting out, to figure out what the best way of monetising your content is. I have always found that monetisation it a bit of a taboo subject when it comes to bloggers but the fact of the matter is that no one in a more traditional job would be expected to work for free. I think that as long as you’re truly passionate about the products and services you are talking about, there’s nothing wrong with being compensated for the endless hours spent editing, writing and promoting your content; it’s no secret that influencers talking about a brand helps them hugely. Remember your time is valuable.

There are many ways to earn revenue from blogging such as allowing ads on your sites, affiliate links or sponsorships but it's sometimes difficult to seek out partnerships yourself, especially when you're a new blogger. I have found that by far the most efficient way to find paid blogging opportunities is to join various networks as you can be sure you're working with a legitimate brand and can browse various assignments to suit your blog. In essence, a network is a website that connects brands with bloggers through advertising opportunities. Here is a list of Networks I have used and pro's and con's of each!

1. The Blogger Programme 

I'm fairly new to this network and have yet to start applying but I'm getting a lot of use from other features already! My favourite aspect of TBP is the blogger profiles that they curate for your blog specifically. You can see all your statistics from every social media as well as engagement percentages and your domain authority. I even use this feature when I need some information quickly for other uses, such as updating my media kit or when emailing brands directly. 

The opportunities are very clearly listed on here, with immediate information for how many followers are required, to whether the assignment is paid or gifting only. 

This is, however, a very small network with not a huge range of opportunities available at a given time. The majority of the opportunities are also compensated through gifting, which although is exciting to work on, not always feasible if you're hoping to blog as a full-time job. The silver lining is that by working on a gifted only assignment, it can lead to a long term relationship with a brand, with paid content offered down the line if your initial post was a success. 

2. GetBlogged

I thoroughly enjoy using Get Blogged, they have very out of the box opportunities available, from DIY projects to promoting fashion and even apps. I am also very impressed with the way payments are issued, for my last assignment I received payment the very next day! 

Once you are offered the assignment after writing a short proposal about what you wish to write based on the prompts given, there is no fuss when submitting, you simply provide a link to your post when published and wait for approval by the Quality Control Team. There are no invoices necessary, everything is done through PayPal. 

Registration is free so you can truly test it out without worrying about any commitments.

It is sometimes hard to find regular work on here sometimes as the opportunities are very specific and so it's not possible to apply for them all if your blog doesn't fall into the theme of the assignments. I have found however that this inspires me to get very creative when I write the proposals to make sure whatever I write fits very well into my overall brand. 

3. AWIN 

A slightly different take on a network as this is an affiliate marketing tool, through which you earn money when readers or viewers use your links to make a purchase. AWIN has over 15,000 advertisers to choose from (from brands such as Audible and Topshop) so you can truly find your favourite companies that you use and get paid a commission if a purchase is made from your recommendation. There is a £5 deposit to join, which gets refunded to your account upon your first tracked sale. 

The one downside I have experienced is that sometimes there are long delay times while you wait for the advertisers to pay. You also need to reach a threshold before you can be paid but this is the case with many advertising based networks, even Google Adsense.