New Book Haul! 2020 Releases and Special Arcs

Book hauls are my favourite type of content to absorb because as a nosy human, I revel in knowing what others are buying and getting in the mail. I haven't filmed a haul in months so my new stack started getting a little out of control; those books are kept in a separate pile. It fell over. Multiple times.

Over the last few weeks, I have read a few of the books from the list and I especially adored Jackpot by Nic Stone, it struck me like no other novel, combining romance, adventure and the harsh reality of discrimination, making it both an education yet enjoyable novel. New obsession, you will pass out from feels. Another highlight from the haul is the array of new 2020 releases that I received as ARC's from publishers, which hopefully will provide you with recommendations on what books to look out for this year.

You can also see in the background the new shelves that I rearranged according to colour. Two shelves follow and black and white scheme with a further two with hues of blue. You can also spot an array of dragon merchandise because fantasy is my favourite, along with some pop culture memorabilia from Game of Thrones and Harry Potter. 

Check out the haul below or head over to my channel