Top 8 My Chemical Romance Songs

I was choosing a gothic movie to watch this Witchmas eve when the internet erupted into chaos. Coincidence? I think not. It's as though the universe just knew that the gods of music were planning to raise hell on Halloween and bring our emo alter egos back from the dead. Not that the fandom ever left that phase (I probably give my neighbours nightmares with the number of times that I still blast the albums) but now we get to flaunt our idols with actual existence to back it up.

In case you have no clue what I am on about MY CHEMICAL ROMANCE ARE GETTING BACK TOGETHER. MCR for those of us in the know. Are we all dying of emotions, because I can't function? Every artist should be shaking in their boots because this is the music equivalent of Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson breaking the beauty industry.

Please enjoy this list of my favourite MCR songs while I run around screaming around my house.

8. House of Wolves

Everybody burn in hell. Iconic. Also THOSE RIFFS.

7. Welcome to the Black Parade

A perfect classic. You go through fifty emotions within five minutes.

6. Helena

Umbrella Academy personified. The most iconic aesthetic.

5. I'm Not Okay

The song that's personifying what we're all feeling at the news. WE'RE NOT OKAY. Final chorus breaks me.

4. The Light Behind Your Eyes

Meaningful. Healing. PERFECTION. The progression really takes you on a journey.

3. Famous Last Words

There's something so unsettling about this song. Calculated chaos. Excellent bridge.

2.  Heaven Help Us

A bonus track from the Black Parade, which is a masterpiece with the most fantastic beat. There's no way you won't be moving in some sort of way to this song.

1. The World Is Ugly

Probably the most underrated song of all time and yet it remains my favourite. The lyrics are haunting and frankly relevant as hell in this day and age. The chorus after the bridge actually restores me.

31st October 2019. Halloween. Carve this date into your souls MCR fans because moving forward this is the only date worth knowing.

Are you a fan? What are your favourite songs? Let me know in the comments!