Did the Far From Home trailer spoil Endgame

If you were one of the 80k souls watching Tom Holland's live stream on Instagram you would have been one of the first ever to see a snippet of the Far From Home trailer which officially premiered last night. As a Marvel fanatic, the first thing I did was turn on my camera and head straight to the ThatFictionLife Studio aka my room to film my immediate reaction to the teaser trailer. Because I spiral out of control with theories I even had to grab the Marvel Encyclopedia to begin some thorough research on all the new characters we meet. Have a watch of the trailer below before we dive into theories!

The question on most of the fandoms' minds is what do the events of Far From Home mean for the Avengers Endgame movie. Seeing as the Spider-Man sequel will be set after the events of the final Avengers movie, this trailer confirms Peter Parkers' survival and the absence of any other superheros seems to clue us into the loss of some original characters. While it would not be expected for just anyone to make an appearance, Iron Man played a vital role in Homecoming and his apparent absence along with other clips (Pepper Potts signs a cheque instead of Tony, Happy saying Peter is all alone etc, let's all panic), point to his demise. But then again Pepper is the CEO of Stark Industries.

By far the biggest clue is S.H.I.E.L.D seemingly making a return after it's huge corruption plot line in Captain America: the Winter Soldier. Nick Fury building a new team, would fit right in with the comic book story arcs, my theory being that most characters who 'evaporated' in Infinity War will be a part of the new 'Avengers'.

Check out my trailer reaction below for my full thoughts!