Marvel Readathon TBR

As a Marvel fanatic hearing that a Marvel Read-A-Thon actually exists sent my superhero fangirl tendencies spiraling. If you are unfamiliar with the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the movies are all split into phases all leading up to the final Avengers movie, which at this time remains unnamed. The Readathon runs for the whole of June due to the number of movies to pick a book for.  I am going into the challenges a few days late but I am currently reading Bright Ruin by Vic James (THE FINAL GILDED CAGE BOOK CAN YOU EVEN), which qualifies for The Avengers from Phase One. 

I am not ideal at being confined to boundries and so will not be planning a succinct TBR but rather decide on what to read after I finish each book. I do however have a rough idea for the reads from Phase One already and they will be as follows:

IRON MAN: First book in a series - Sweet Black Waves by Kristina PĂ©rez. A story inspired by the legend of Tristan and Eseult, focusing on the story of Branwen. Full of magic, secrets and forbidden romance, this is the perfect read for any fantasy fan.

HULK: Green Book - Changeling (#1 of the 3 Volume bind-up) by Philippa Gregory. I have yet to experience Gregory's critically acclaimed historical fiction and I believe this is a great one to start with, seeing as it's her only YA series. All about alchemy, werewolves, death-dancers where we follow four companions, one of which is a young girl accused of witchcraft and the monk sent to investigate her. 

IRON MAN TWO: Unpopular Book - Son of the Dawn by Cassandra Clare and Sarah Rees Brennan. While Clare's Shadowhunter Chronicles are a worldwide phenomenon, the new short stories that recently published on e-book have hardly been spoken about. Since this first story follows Jace's first time at the Institute and plenty of Brother Zachariah and Raphael, I am there for it.

THOR: Mythology book - Mythos by Stephen Fry. An account of various myths from Ancient Greece where we encounter Zeus, Athena, even experience Cronus and Gaia's revenge on Ouranos. 

CAPTAIN AMERICA: Set/written in WW2 - The Death of Captain America, Volume 1. I'm interpreting this rule loosely in that Captain America served in the war and so I will be reading one of one of the characters graphic novels. As repercussions of the Civil War begin to unravel, the Winter Soldier has to step up and choose a side meanwhile the Red Skull is scheming behind the scenes. 

THE AVENGERS: Book with multiple POVs - Bright Ruin by Vic James. The third and final book in the Dark Gifts trilogy, following the British aristocracy who are gifted with magical abilities that allows them to rule over the population. The multiple perspectives in this series allow us to witness first hand how different classes experience this modern day English landscape with dangerous powers coming into play.  

There are various rules that were curated by the organiser, so if you'd like to join in or find out more make sure to check out the original announcement