A farewell to the Year Two Cast of Cursed Child | Slytherin Edition

As we approach the first performance of the new cast of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child in London on the 23rd May, I thought it the perfect opportunity to bid farewell to the Year Two cast, with some merited shout-outs to the most memorable Slytherin performances, a public thank you letter if you will. I had the opportunity to see the current cast back in February (I vlogged the day for my channel, you can watch it here) and it was the most enchanting piece of theatre to ever grace my eyes. I must particularly praise the work of Theo Ancient and Henry (Harry) Rundle who played Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy, respectively, and embodied their characters so well, it was as though they were snatched straight from the books.

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is currently playing at the Palace Theatre on Shaftesbury Avenue, which is coincidentally where the characters apparate to in Deathly Hallows Part 1

After seeing the play, I become utterly enthralled with all the new characters that we didn't get to fully explore in the original Harry Potter books and Albus Potter is at the upfront of that. Ancient's take on Albus was exactly what I would envision from the character. He was emotive and believable in every single scene; it was heart-breaking seeing his portrayal of a young boy in dire need to live up to the Potter family legacy.

The chemistry with Rundle was undeniably natural and in every scene, there was an obvious feeling of friendship. If you didn't shed a tear while seeing those two fighting for their friendship then who even are you. To floor myself even more, I found out this role was Ancient’s acting debut! His acting ability is completely beyond his experience and I for one cannot wait to see the new projects he takes on, he is sure ready for anything. We saw a very spirited and intense performance from him and it was a thrill to watch.

Harry Rundle was a ray of sunshine in the play, his take on Scorpius as a shy and goofy Slytherin was so energetic and honest, I couldn't help but become instantly more attentive whenever he came on stage. Playing a Malfoy as we know from past encounters in the movies, is no easy task. They are just so morally ambiguous. To have an atypical Malfoy enter the world gave Rundle the freedom to interpret the character subjectively a lot more, which I believe is why Scorpius is such a standout character in the play. It was such an impassioned performance, stirring all kinds of feels. I was so honoured to have seen the play on this night as Rundle was the understudy so I would have truly missed out had I not seen his take on Scorpius.

It should come as no surprise that I was low-key most looking forward to seeing how Draco Malfoy will appear 19 years later, and readers, I was not disappointed. James Howard is a stellar addition to this cast (a graduate of year two but who is gracing the stage again in year three). Everything from the brooding exterior down to the sardonic dialogue, delivered with the patented Malfoy sass just as Tom Felton could master in the movies. What was a real joy to see was Jamie Glover (Harry Potter) and Howard bouncing insults off each other, particularly in the duel scene. Two fathers clearly desperate to find their sons yet their contrasting personalities couldn't have gone amiss and the two actors progressively convinced us of their growing trust between the the two characters. 

As a massive Potterhead, it was the experience of a lifetime seeing the play and this cast did this next stage in the Hogwarts journey a huge justice. I am surely going to miss this line up and wish all the non-returning members the very best of luck on their future projects.

As to the new cast, I hope to have the chance to experience their way of adapting the characters and I'm throwing someone metaphorical Felix Felicis their way tomorrow for their first time in front of an audience! 

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  1. I was lucky enough to see the final performances on Sunday and loved it!

  2. Oh I did not know. Yesterday I read something similar in nexter.org/best-harry-potter-covers


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