Wildest Dreams Book Box | February Unboxing

The February theme for the Wildest Dreams Book Box was as fiendish as one could get, I mean Truth and Lies touches upon so many plot twists and betrayals in fiction that I couldn't possibly imagine which bookish merchandise would be featured. This month was filled with fan favourites from major fandoms so get ready as I unveil each of the items. 

1. Veritaserum Lemon and Ginger Tea from Rosie Lea Tea - of course a nod to Harry Potter, this truth serum tea is packaged in a test tube to resemble a potion. They come with self assemble tea bags so it's truly like brewing a potion in one of Snape's classes and who wouldn't want to attend one of those?! (Maybe Harry I guess but as Draco's other half I believe I'd be fine).

2. Lies Require Commitment Candle from Taken Moons - Inspired by Divergent this is a black cherry scented glitter candle (a subscriber exclusive!). As an avid Divergent fan (make note I'm JUST saying Divergent not the tragic specimen that is Allegiant) I was such a hardcore Dauntless, that's what truly started the badass leather look before any Shadowhunters came along. I even went to the premiere in full on cosplay and yes Theo James was 15cm away from me. So that happened. See evidence in these tweets I manged to dig up.

3. The Truth and Lies of Ella Black by Emily Barr (+ a letter from the author and signed bookplate) - a story about 17 year old Ella who finds out her whole life has been a lie when one day searching through her parents belongings. This causes her to run away to figure out just where she comes from. 

The box also included some sweet treats and a Harry Potter houses bookmark!

Now it would be simply rude to make you endure this post and downright boasting just how epic these items are without offering a little something back. Exclusive to my lovely readers is a discount code for your Wildest Dreams Box subscription, simply use THATFICTIONLIFE10 at checkout! And get this, the theme for April (boxes on sale today 15/03/18!) is Hocus Pocus YES THAT'S RIGHT WITCHES GALORE. 

As I have said before this box is truly a unique one, equipped with free delivery and priced at only £18, I cannot encourage you more to support this small business, run one of the best book bloggers out there (Zoe from No Safer Place is slaying the girl boss game right now let's be real).

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