YouTube cuts ties with Small Creators - What Happened? | Thoughts from a BookTuber

Yesterday morning many YouTubers woke up to what effectively was a termination notice from work. The YouTube Partnership Program has announced a change in eligibility, namely that you now must achieve 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time on your videos. Anyone who is already a partner will lose their membership if they do not meet the new thresholds. 

There have been many posts over the last 24 hours of people claiming that monetisation for small creators isn't cost effective due to much lower viewer numbers but honestly this isn't just about AdSense. Let's be realistic here, small channels do not generate a lot of revenue, so trust me when I say this isn't why most of us feel let down.

Now I do completely understand some of the reasonings behind this change, Google wish to tighten security and be surer of what content is being monetised. However, for me this change is a direct response to the recent controversies of popular content creators putting out questionable videos (we all know who I mean here don't we). Doesn't this imply that smaller creators are being punished for the mistakes of the bigger ones? Realistically, won’t the inappropriate content, which is what the platform aims to avoid through this change and reassure advertisers, remain eligible for monetisation anyway since those channels have the numbers?

While I do believe that AdSense shouldn’t be available to just anyone, those of us that are current partners that officially applied and got accepted are essentially being fired and told our content is no longer good enough to be monetised. As insignificant as it sounds, it's a huge confidence shaker. A lot of people think such a response to this change is a huge overreaction but it's such a booster becoming a partner, it's the next stage in your YouTube journey and it comes with many tools that aid in developing your channel, to have that taken away is very demotivating indeed.

One might argue, you can just apply again when you meet the requirements, but what about the revenue generated (no matter how small) that will have been lost because of having your previous partnership terminated? Bear in mind that the advertisers already paid for those ads so will Google now keep that revenue if you have not reached your payment threshold? Not to mention the long wait time for approval and application that you must go through all over again.

On a cheerier note, if anything this has made me more determined to develop my channel and as soon as my January university exams are over, get ready for some new bookish content! You can subscribe here!

A positive outcome of this is of course, the searing support of everyone in the book community and other YouTube genres. While I am still a long way from the hours required, seeing messages of people binging all my videos gives me so much hope. I cannot express into words how incredible it was to reach 900 subscribers last night and so I'd like to use this post to highlight some booktube channels that you can get behind by subscribing and if you have the time to watch a few videos to help with the watch time!
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