Waterstones Christmas Customer Evening | December Wrap Up | Blogmas Day 25

December is a great time for obtaining books since it is Christmas and many bookstores style their interiors with decorations and Christmas tress. Walking around the shelves becomes downright magical. Some select stores also organise Customer Evenings, which are a must for buying signed books as many authors are in attendance. I attended the Waterstones Piccadilly evening, a huge store spread over five floors, so just imagine the hundreds of book lovers discussing their favourite novels and drinking wine!

I had been looking forward to this event for many weeks because, get this, STEPHEN FRY, was due to be signing copies of his latest release, Mythos. You may recognise his name from his work in TV or if you are a Potterhead, he’s the narrator for the audiobooks! I was already plotting how early to turn up as only a limited amount of people would be able to meet him. Mythos was such an anticipated book for me as it is a retelling of Greek Mythology so I turned up nice and early (two hours to be exact) and waited in line.

Stephen Fry is hands down one of the most down-to-earth people in existence and despite the signing being very swift, we discussed my blog so it was legendary. It’s not every day one of your idols says they “can’t wait to see your review”. SO THAT HAPPENED.

That same night I also met Jim Kay, the Harry Potter illustrator and Julian Harrison, the curator of the exhibition at the British Library, they were both signing the History of Magic book. I am a huge fan of Jim Kay’s work, having met him previously at a Hatchards event so getting another chance to speak to him was a god-send, his re-imagination of the series still awes my soul. As to Julian Harrison, I well and truly psyched him out when I told him about imagining herbal smells coming out from the herbology room at the exhibition. What a way to sound insane. Meeting them both was a great end to the evening, they’re incredible individuals that I could spend hours gossiping with.