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What. On. Earth. Those were the first words uttered by my very speechless self on Friday night. If you are an avid Tweeter then you most likely got caught in the excitement of announcing the nominees for the UK Young Adult Blogger Awards. The longlist was announced earlier in the week and my little blog found it's way into 3 of the categories so this alone had me squealing like a hyperactive animal. Fast forward to Friday, the announcement of the shortlist was when I really forgot to breathe: I'VE BEEN SHORTLISTED!                                                                                   

Never in my wildest dreams did I believe my, I want to say 'book blog' but at this rate it's more coercive-borderline-blackmail book pushing, was worthy of this nomination. So first of all, thank you so much to anyone that nominated me thus far, the support has been a real tear-jerker. I honestly thought you all hate hearing the words 'Gilded Cage' coming out of my lips (if you have no idea what that means, who are you and why not?! Just kidding, it's my favorite series in the world by Vic James thank you and goodbye). After hearing the disheartening news that YouTube is terminating partnerships with smaller creators (you can read about it here), this was such a pleasant surprise and confidence boost.

The Book Blogger awards are such an incredible venture as I definitely believe there needs to be more recognition of the work book bloggers do and whether it's a longlist or shortlist nomination and even winning it's very motivating, this truly can work miracles for our self-belief. I am incredibly proud of all the bloggers mentioned, some of which are my best friends and I seriously feel like I'm cheating on everyone by having to pick between them in each category. What I mostly appreciate is the way in which winner's are decided, it's a mix between bloggers and people in the industry such as authors, which means it's actually the people that read our blogs and understand first hand what we are about.

The awards ceremony is also linked to a very important Young Adult festival, YA Shot, which hosts many authors and bloggers and this years theme is Human Rights. You can just imagine how great and important the panels will be as it's such an important issue to learn about. Their website is if you would like more information or to attend (I'll be there and I want to meet you all!).

If you are a UK based Book Blogger you can vote in the awards by requesting a form by emailing with the subject: UKYABA Shortlist Voting - Book Blogger Voting Form, I am in the Marvellous Blogger category! 

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