How to Request a Book Review

As a blogger, one of our daily tasks is to answer review requests. While we don’t always have the capacity to take on everything we are offered, today I am giving you tips on how to construct an email to grab a blogger’s attention. These tips will differ depending on what each blogger is looking for but they are prefect starting points for any author or publicist looking to market their books. 

Research the blogger

There is no value in sending mass emails to any blogger you come across as the likelihood of them getting back to you is significantly decreased as it’s likely they’re not the intended audience. If there’s time it’s always a good idea to read a few posts/watch a few videos to truly determine whether this is the right person to market your book.

Read their Review Policy

Most bloggers have an extensive review policy with details on what books they’re interested in and any other information they wish for you to include. Don't ignore these, they’re there for a reason! Here is mine as an example.

Provide as much information as possible/ Include a Press Release

This is for saving both yours and the blogger’s time as it eliminates the need for back and forth Q and As in an attempt to get the correct information. Below is a checklist of what you might want to consider including if you do not have an official press release:
  • Name of Book
  • Length
  • Genre
  • Author website/ Social Media links
  • Amazon/Goodreads link
  • When you need a review by (if it’s time sensitive)
  • Snippets of previous reviews
  • What formats you have available for a review copy

Spell check

This may seem incredibly obvious but I cannot tell you how many instances I have had with people calling me by the wrong name or links being corrupt!

Don't get disheartened if a blogger declines/ Be Polite

It may seem ridiculous to even mention this step however there is an important reason as to why I have included it. There have been many instances within the bookish community where authors have become defensive after receiving a no from a blogger, therefore pretty please stay respectful and professional at all times. 

Those are my top tips for requesting a review! Whether you're the publisher or author your passion for the book in question will come across, so go forth and good luck with finding the right blogger! 

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