YA Thriller panel, Interviewing Vic James and Game of Thrones | Blogmas Day 3

In November, Waterstones Piccadilly proved once more why they totally rule the way I organize my life. Another YA event you say? Book. Ticket. I almost lost all sanity when I saw that James Smythe was scheduled to be on a panel all about Thrillers. If you have seen my top books of 2016 video,  you surely know to whom I am referring to as James Smythe is hands down my favourite sci-fi author. His Australia trilogy truly floored me so it should come as no surprise that I am *very* excited that he returned to the YA scene after a break.

The other incredible authors on the panel were Lauren James (The Loneliest Girl in the Universe) and C.L. Taylor (The Treatment) chaired by the lovely Nicci Clocke. It was a unique panel, inducing great discussions about writing styles and creating sci-fi dominated worlds.

The Loneliest girl in the Universe focuses primarily on sending messages back to earth from space meaning there are various timelines that needed to be established to account for the different lightyears etc. Due to studying physics at university, Lauren James was more focused on perfecting all the equations to ensure the time for the messages to travel was precise, than the historical facts mentioned in the book so you can rest assured all the science is correct!

When attending panels with multiple authors, the very susceptible to suggestion human that I am, I always discover new books that I want to read and C.L. Taylor is definitely next on my purchase list. While I don’t tend to read many adult books, psychological and legal thrillers are the exception and hearing her discussing her complex plot lines and dark mysteries? I must experience her writing.

Many bloggers, including myself, have a range of goals they aspire to and wish to achieve and right at the top of my list is getting to interview an author on behalf of a publisher. Of all the publishers to make this happen, Pan Macmillan contacted me to host a Book Break episode on NONE OTHER THAN GILDED CAGE aka my favorite book ever in life. Not to over exaggerate but I think I may have stopped living for a few minutes after reading the email. We filmed two videos, starting with a guide to the series where we talked about writing and characters on the Book Break channel (subscribe to their channel here, to be notified when the video goes up!). 

For our second video, we had a Harry Potter gossip session. Everything from our theories on Dumbledore to how we'd like to braid Lucius' hair. Click here to watch it! 

Lastly, I attended a Game of Thrones marathon at King Charles Cinema at Lecister Square. For 4 straight days the cinema played the whole 7 seasons and whilst I did not attend the whole marathon, seeing some of the seasons on the big screen made me notice so many details that you wouldn't catch on a TV. Click here to read my full write up of the marathon!

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