Places I want to visit this winter - Guest Post | Blogmas Day 5

Today for Blogmas, I'd like to welcome my very good friend Rebecca, from This Booky Place (check out her blog, seriously, my face seriously lights up when she posts a new article). I challenged her to come up with places to visit this season, so behold the great list!

The Cinema

We’ll start off easy. I love pretty much every Christmas film, good films, bad ones and even the really, really bad ones –I’ll watch them all. Every year my family/friends and I go to see whatever the latest festive film is and even if it is absolute trash, it’s still a great time. This year will be Bad Moms Christmas and Daddy’s Home 2 because my mum has decided they will be masterpieces, I’m not so sure about that but it’ll be a nice trip out with a tango ice blast.


My sister used to go to college here and for the last two years we have driven down as a family to pick her up after her last class and gone to the farmer’s shop there and into the village to do a little bit of Christmas shopping. I love Yorkshire and its landscape, there’s always snow on the hills when we drive through and then Skipton itself looks like a Christmas town. I’m sure there are plenty of lovely places to visit in Yorkshire but this has become a sort of tradition so I hope we’re going to go again this December.


This is sort of cheating because I know that I’m going to Chester the first weekend in December. I’ll be visiting my dad and making the most of the opportunity to check out Chester’s Christmas market (as well as Wales Comic Con) because I’ve heard it’s amazing. You can get good, mulled wine, gifts from local traders… Unlike Newcastle Christmas market, which only runs for a week and is mostly just food stalls, Chester has proper wooden chalets and a big Christmas tree… I’m going to avoid buying stocking fillers until I’ve been to Chester because everything online looks perfect.


It’s not Christmas if I don’t go a little crazy in a book shop, and Waterstones Newcastle is like my second home most of the year, so why not Christmas too? This year I really want to get my family some books, I have a lot of ideas already but it never hurts to browse. Shopping aside, I love going into book shops at Christmas just because it’s my favourite time of year and books are my passion, it’s especially exciting with all the hype around upcoming releases in the New Year.

Local garden centres

This is the sort of twenty-two-year-old I am. Anything to do with homeware and plants are my thing, and I don’t know about the garden centres where you are, but the ones around me always go so OTT at Christmas. Decorations, Christmas trees, mince pies, hot chocolate… They have everything in abundance. I love looking at the displays, buying far too many colourful decorations and miniature Christmas trees and ending the trip with cinnamon hot chocolate in the café.


Unfortunately, even though I really want to go, this one won’t be happening THIS winter anymore but I am determined to make it happen next year. I’ve always wanted to go to Norway, The Northern Lights obviously being a massive part of that, and it’s easiest to see the lights between September and March. Skiing is also on my bucket list, Oslo, Bergen and Flåm –get yourself on Google and take a look at those stunning views. There’s a lot of places I want to visit but going somewhere snowy like Norway in the winter sounds magical.

And those are the places I’d like to visit in winter! I want to thank Liv for hosting me on her blog and I hope you enjoy the rest of her Blogmas posts. I’m also doing Blogmas over at!

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