Game of Thrones Marathon: 7 Seasons in 71 Hours | Blogmas Day 2

Game of Thrones is the perfect bindge-worthy television show, with expansive plot lines and epic cliffhangers, it's so easy to fall into a trance. HBO seem to be very aware of this fact and they organised a marathon of all the episodes at the Prince Charles Cinema to celebrate the release of Season 7 on DVD. 

When Premier Entertainment invited me at the last minute, I made an inhuman noise in the middle of the street. While I couldn't stay throughout the whole marathon, seeing some of the seasons on the big screen was unprecedented, it was as though seeing it for the first time. You could genuinely see even the ice crystals in the snow, which made me appreciate the locations where it's filmed a lot more.

As to the battles, they were so much more menacing and intense than on the small screen *cough Red Wedding*. Let's not even. I may look gleeful in the photo below but trust me that was something else and I probably looked crazed in that cinema.  

With a surprise appearance by Hannah Waddingham (who Plays Septa Unella - awesome character for those of you that haven't seen season 5!), Jamie East from Thronecast introduced the marathon. They in unison agreed that we were mad for attempting such a screening, which if you think about it we were. I adore Jamie's radio show so seeing him and Hannah was definitely the highlight of Monday!

To make it through the screening, we were given a survival bag, full of essential products, which was hilarious yet actually very useful at the same time. The cinema itself I had never been to before and it has now become a favourite, I mean a bar right by the screening room? No complaints. 

I am now going to most likely binge the show again, but I'll have to skip the theme song as its been haunting me ever since, after hearing it for hours at a time!

Do you watch Game of Thrones? What's your favourite episode or character? Comment below!

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