Fandom Gift Guide: Harry Potter | Blogmas Day 6

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Today's gift guide has the aim of soothing the pain of not being able to spend Christmas at Hogwarts. I have compiled a list of essentials for what to buy for every Potter fan, enjoy!

1. Harry Potter Illustrated editions by Jim Kay

There is nothing more aesthetically pleasing than seeing your favorite series being illustrated and Jim Kay may actually be a wizard. His drawings are vivid and perfectly bring out the magic of JK Rowling's words.

2. Hogwarts Primark Collection 

If you live in the UK you have most likely stumbled into a Primark and discovered their new Harry Potter merchandise, which is completely affordable! Whilst the collection in store has more items, there is an online shop - anything from House pillows, stationary and clothing, there is no doubt you'll find the perfect gift.

3. Dark Mark Bath Bomb from Geeky Clean

I adore the Geeky Clean store, I have previously bought a few of their products, they're of high quality and smell incredible. This Dark Mark bath bomb turns green in the bath and is perfect for any Dark Arts enthusiast (and it's only £6.00!) 

Photo Credit: Geeky Clean

4. Sorting Hat Bath Bomb by Geeky Clean  

Leave your sorting to chance by letting your bath decide for only £5.00!

Photo Credit: Geeky Clean

5. Marauder's Map colour-changing mug

I own this mug personally and it is sure to confound a muggle or two. On an ordinary day it is a black mug but as it comes in contact with hot water, the marauder's map appears.

6. Harry Potter: History Of Magic 

This companion to the exhibition at the British library is a must have for any household. It includes extracts from original draft pages from the series as well as essays from various experts on each of the Hogwarts classes. Get immersed in the research process that JK Rowling went through and learn about the history of what inspired certain plot lines. There is also a children's version of the book.

7. House Crest potion necklace from 

I cannot stop looking at these,I would happily include everything from 's shop on this list. Intricate and handmade, it's really the only way you should show off your house colours. The bottles are glass with real crystals inside! 

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