Book Launches, Harry Potter exhibition and We Heart Mondays

October is always a landmark month in my year as Halloween is a great excuse for my whole world to become a real-life version of the Addams Family. I wear bat earrings, eat everything pumpkin spice flavored and let loose my dark soul (this last one is all year round lets be real). Naturally therefore, I make sure to fill my calendar with plenty of bookish events!

First up, I attended the launch for Jacqueline Silvester’s debut Wunderkids, my newest obsession in the boarding school books genre. It follows Nikka who gets a surprise acceptance to Wildwood Academy, a hidden boarding school in the Californian mountains. She's offered a full scholarship and it all is sounding too good to be true and we begin to uncover twisted secrets that could cost Nikka everything. The catering and venue for the launch were brilliant (just look at the displays!) and it was wonderful celebrating the book in such great company.

I also collaborated with Jacqueline for her blog tour this month, where we created recipes based on Wunderkids, Harry Potter, Shadowhunters and more, so make sure to give it a read for some DIY inspiration!

Next up was #DrinkYA, a monthly meet up for adults who read YA, which in October celebrated the launch of Satellite by Nick Lake. We were joined by BKMRK who publish the book meaning the whole event was styled in the theme of a spaceship. 

This launch proved just why bookish people are the best, I spent the entire evening raving over pretty much every  YA book ever, while drinking prosecco out of wine glasses because clearly champagne flutes were not big enough.


Following that I went to the British Library to see an entire exhibition dedicated to the Harry Potter series. I booked my ticket for the opening weekend MONTHS AGO and so finally experiencing it was surreal. The whole exhibition is set out in Hogwarts classes, with each room dedicated to a different subject.

It was very aesthetically pleasing to say the least, the rooms are curated with items from JK Rowlings personal archives (ORIGINAL DRAFT PAGES AND EVERYTHING!), medieval textbooks that she used for research and paintings by Jim Kay, the illustrator for the series. If you don’t live in London and cannot attend, Bloomsbury has you covered as they have published a companion to the exhibition outlining it in book form. Click the links below if you would like more information.

Harry Potter: History Of Magic - (Amazon) and (Book Depository)

Finally, was a launch for a new female co working space for bloggers! We Heart Mondays is a new venue that offers office space for bloggers and their launch had many healthy brands in attendance so my dairy- free self had a blast. I found companies that I hadn’t heard of before and now am religiously buying, my favorite being Nush, who make yoghurt out of almond milk, it tastes heavenly (with a hint of marzipan) and I would highly recommend their products!

Don't forget to check out my Halloween themed videos from October, for book spooky book recommendations and a nostalgia filled Q and A all about Buffy the Vampire Slayer.