YA Halloween Bookish Recipes (Wunderkids Blog Tour)

Welcome to the That Fiction Life stop on the Wunderkids Blog Tour! Jacky Silvester had the most unique idea to stray from the usual Blog Tour format by choosing 25 blogs for 25 days to each focus on a particular question or theme. For my post, the theme is Halloween, which I refer to as the time where my soul comes to life. For evidence, I’d like to refer you to my vamped-up Autumn blog layout.

Wunderkids is the perfect book for anyone that loves boarding school settings with a dark twist. It follows Nikka who gets a surprise acceptance to Wildwood Academy, a hidden boarding school in the Californian mountains. She's offered a full scholarship and it all is sounding too good to be true and we begin to uncover twisted secrets that could cost Nikka everything.

I am so pleased to be collaborating with Jacky for this post as we both love all the books we based our recipes on. First up, we have Jacky with her drinks creations, from the Selection series, Harry Potter and Wunderkids!

Hi guys, October is my favorite month of the year by far, because of the crisp autumn air, and the pumpkins, and (!!!) it’s the perfect time to throw themed parties. Any seasoned party thrower knows that themed parties have to come with themed drinks.

With that in mind, I stopped by my local haunt @The Workers Café in East London and they gave me full reign over their ingredients and coffee machine so that I could attempt to create a few themed YA drinks. After some experimentation, this is what I came up with.

Second we have myself (the real Liv) with food recipes!

Welcome readers, I created Shadowhunter steles (the ones you use to draw runes with!) and Harry Potter butterbeer books. They both taste LUSCIOUS! Pure autumn in dessert form.

Because I try not to eat milk products I actually made both of the creations with vegan spread, coconut milk and oil instead of butter and cow’s milk but the recipes can be made both ways depending on your diet!  

I hope you have gotten inspiration for any Halloween YA treats that you wish to make! If you create any of our recipes make sure to tweet me (@olivia_gacka) and Jacky (@Jacky_Silvester) with photos!

Don’t forget to find out more about Wunderkids (I’m reading it right now and I cannot put into words how epic it is). Click the cover below for more info. Lastly, make sure to check out all the other blog tour stops!