April was the craziest: Low key living at Waterstones

April was my most successful month in terms of book signings, yet ironically I failed by progressing in my reading goal, by only reading one book.

Waterstones never fail to accommodate my addiction of meeting authors and by going there three times in the same week, it no doubt seemed as though I was looking to relocate there permanently. 

The first Q&A event was with the Queen of Fantasy, LAINI TAYLOR. I bow down to Hodder for bringing Laini to the UK for a Strange The Dreamer tour which is her latest release! It follows Lazlo, a junior librarian who has had a longtime fascination with the long lost city of Weep and sets out on a quest to find the answer to his mysterious dreams about a blue-skinned goddess. This is a very unique story as it doesn't focus on a protagonist that is skilled in combat, which is rare for a fantasy. 

Next on the calendar was a very inspiring panel about Women that write fantasy, consisting of three incredible authors, Zen Cho, Vic James and Aliette de Bodard. They each highlighted how important it is for representation to be present in their novels and why they choose to write in the genre. Vic James' answer that "everything is better with magic" became my new favourite phrase and Aliette de Bodard stated that "history plus mythology is fantasy", which is why fantasy remains my one true love. 

I have an undying love for Vic James' book, Gilded Cage, which I believe is a fact everyone on the planet is aware of as I rarely not talk about it. It follows a dystopian society where magically skilled aristocrats rule Britain. Are you intrigued? Yes you are. READ IT (If you need more convincing, do watch my very gushy review).

In a true Liv fashion, despite not intending to buy more books, I walked about from the event with Sorcerer to the Crown by Zen Cho. It is a fantasy set in Regency London and is about Sorcerers. I am most fascinated. 

The final event of April was 'An evening with Angie Thomas and Patrice Lawrence. They both talked about the importance of diversity in publishing and how the Black Lives Matter movement inspired their writing. It was a very eye-opening talk and I loved hearing the authors talk about their experiences.

As mentioned above. my reading was a travesty in April, but the book I read was so fantastic that I have no regrets. The Song Rising is the masterpiece I speak of. If you have not started this series yet (it's the Bone Season if you are not aware) then I must insist that you do as it's a highly engaging dytopian fantasy with clairvoyants. Read my full review here, for more in depth thoughts!


  1. Looks like April was an incredible month. I'm a bit of a green-eyed monster about all the authors you got to meet, especially Angie Thomas. I love how she's speaking out about diversity and really want to get my hands on her book. You lucky thing!! Xxx

    1. I hope you get to meet her! I love what she's doing, her book is so important!


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