The British Book Challenge

Well it's March. And I'm a little late to the party but I hereby announce that I am joining the British Book Challenge. It's hosted by Chelle from Tales of Yesterday and it is all about promoting UKYA, which is something I just had to get behind. Click this link to find out all about the challenge and how to participate, there will be giveaways running throughout the year for those that join!

British authors have had a huge impact on developing the genre and most of my top 2016 books were by those brilliant UKYA voices. Check out my favorite books of last year video below!

I will be updating this page with links to all my reviews of books I've read by British authors, along with the ratings as I read them!


  1. Thanks so much for signing up to the challenge. Do feel free to link your reviews from January and February in the corresponding months, but don't feel like you are obliged to. And please do start linking your March reviews on the March linky for entry into the competition for the prize pack. So excited to have you on board! x

    1. That's perfect, didn't know I could do that, I'll add them now! So excited to be involved! xx


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