Review: The Dead House

It is not everyday that you can say a book has left you speechless and confounded at the same time, intrigued by the intricacy of the human mind and how it can affect everyday life. The Dead House is one of those books.

The novel follows the uncovering of a tragedy that occurred twenty five years ago at Elmbridge High School, after it was burned down, during which a number of students were killed. Nobody knows why or how it happened until the police discover the diary of the main protagonist, Carly, who went missing after the  fire. The story is told through numerous media, namely news reports, video footage and interviews as we discover how each of the characters has played a role in the  infinite ending. The main premise allows us to witness the story through different perspectives due to Carly suffering from Dissociative Identity Disorder, as we see Kaitlin make appearances during the night.

Being the first horror novel that I have dived into, I expected to have the same reaction as I do to horror films, which rarely leave me with paranoid thoughts and an inability to sleep. How wrong my naive hard-ass self was. Numerous times, I was left freaked out beyond belief at the eerie chapters full of gory faces in mirrors or sounds of breathing down a phone, having to halt my reading to reassure myself that there was no one grinning at me through my window.

The plot twists throughout the story were cleverly written and as the investigation unfolds, we see the contrast of how Kaitlin was affected by only living in the night as apposed to Carly, who experienced a different type of life in the day.

The novel is compelling throughout and you can't help but be invested in all the supporting characters, as they each have intricate back stories, which is rare for most books. It is particularly a kick in the face, when we learn about the betrayals and deceptions, as they threw me completely, and consisted of feelings of bewilderment that I did not see them coming.

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