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YALC, Beauty and the Beast, Benedict Cumberbatch and Bookish Pamper Day!

First on the month's menu was a Blogger Afternoon tea, celebrating the release of the Beauty and the Beast DVD. I am so inevitably in love with that movie, that I couldn't turn down the chance to watch Luke Evans be Gaston on a cinema screen once again. Watching it a second time, was just as great a the first, you can watch my review of the movie here, if you'd like my thoughts!

The screening was followed by a gorgeous tea, with hot scones, the most minuscule cakes (they were adorable I simply can't) and Prosecco at noon, we were very rebellious. We were also asked to bring a book for a bookswap and I brought home Sweetfreak by Sophie McKenzie. The best part of the day was of course meeting other bloggers and to no ones surprise I started a brawl on my unpopular opinions about Dumbledore.


It was a brilliant event, largely due to meeting Zoe from NoSaferPlace for the first time, one of my closest online friends, we bonded strongly over the fact that we couldn't find Covent Garden Hotel and wondered around Soho for thirty minutes. I live in London I should've known better.

This was followed by Penguin Random House making my top blogger dream come true, I interviewed Karen McManus author of One Of Us Is Lying! We spoke about everything from which character was hardest to write, to sorting them into Hogwarts houses. If you have not read One Of Us Is Lying you best get on that, it's the Breakfast Club meets murder. What's not to love?!

Next up, it was YALC time - The Young Adult Literature Convention, part of London Film and Comic Con! Three days of meeting authors, following Benedict Cumberbatch around (in a non stalker way of course) and buying books like there was no tomorrow. This year at the convention I met Taran Matharu, Laura Lam, Alison Goodman, Sophie McKenie, Anna Day and despite already having their books signed previously, I couldn't resist saying hello to my favourite humans, Vic James, Catherine Doyle and Katherine Webber.

A highlight of this con was finally getting to meet Daniel Portman (Podrick from Game of Thrones!!!), who is the nicest actor I have met to date, we talked about my YouTube channel, what Hogwarts House he's in and we shook hands twice. I know, how riveting, all was also caught on camera in my Day 3 vlog!

Now the whole Benedict Cumberbatch debacle. I am inevitably in love with Sherlock and seeing him in the flesh worked as some sort of odd emotional trigger, so much so that my teary eyed selfie ended up in the RadioTimes article about people meeting him. My tweets by total accident were primarily about how he walked past me and asked how I am. We conversed guys. No I also definitely did not wait outside the green room with a group of new found friends to catch a glimpse of the greatest actor ever *suspicious wink*.

I bought so many things over the weekend, it would take an age to list them all here, so make sure to check out my haul video showcasing EVERYTHING.

My last event was a Big Little Lies DVD release party, which I also attended with Zoe! Big Little Lies is a dark comedic drama from HBO, starring Nicole Kidman, Reece Witherspoon and Shailene Woodley and after watching Episode One on the day, it consumed my soul.  In the theme of the show, the plan for the day was based on the personalities of the characters, what they would eat and how they would go about their day. 

    We started off with a Yoga session with Kathryn McCusker, followed by lunch (it was so healthy I felt so pure) and the best wine I have ever tasted, from Organic Wine Club.  I have made a video explaining the whole day in detail, showcasing the venue which was #goals with clips of us doing yoga, which amusingly look as though Katherine was performing a séance and offering up our souls to the devil, there was a gong and everything. Click here to watch!

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