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The Eight Stages of reading a Cassandra Clare book

Cassandra Clare will forever be a favourite author of mine. She never fails to unhinge my cold stone heart and bring along all the feels. 

Behold, a list of the emotional stages you will, without a doubt, encounter while devouring one of Clare's incredible novels.

 1. Happiness

That feeling of opening a new book and seeing the Prologue.


2. Sleep Deprivation

Never start a Cassandra Clare book in the evening. Once you start, you will never stop.


3. Falling in Love

You come across THE ONE, who happens to flirt with the main protagonist but you know they're really flirting with you. Hey, Will Herondale.


4. Mourning

The first character death occurs and you hold a silent vigil inside your mind.


5. Hysterical Crying

You have a break down every other chapter at any mention of a character from an accompanying series. Malec and Clace in The Dark Artifices say what now?


6. Trust issues

Bad things happen. You question everything. The Clave wouldn't do that, would they?


7. More crying



8. Denial

You stare into the distance until the next Cassandra Clare book is released.


Are you a fellow Shadowhunter Chronicles fan? Have you encountered any of these stages? 

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  1. hahahh this is funny. I'm actually not a huge Clare/Shadowhunter fan but I have read Lady Midnight, books 1-3 of TMI, and book 1 & 2 of TID (I gave her a lot of chances lol) but I do agree with a lot of this! The trust issues one haha I never trust ANYONE when I read her books.

    1. I'd really recommend finishing TID even if you didn't enjoy the rest as Clockwork Princess is her best book in my opinion! Thank you, I had so much fun picking the GIFs, lol the trust issues is low-key for every author haha

  2. This is so fun! Definitely agree with number 3—Will is the ultimate book boyfriend!

  3. I have not read anything from this author! However I just bought the first four books of The Mortal Instruments Series. Now after reading this I am honestly excited to start reading them. All of these stages is what I look for in books, and if I can feel more than one of those stages all in one, I'm going to be happy!!(:

    By the way I love your blog(:

    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy the books, Cassandra Clare is a brilliant author her books are always impossible to put down!


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