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The YALC Readathon Challenge

The Young Adult Literature Convention is fast approaching, which means binge reading is becoming the bane of my existence, I've been breathing books this past month. If you are anything like me, there was no self-control when it came to buying a vast amount of the books written by the participating authors (the list of which can be found here), for which my bank account was very ungrateful.

Going into its third year, YALC represents a wide range of genres, anything from fantasy-dystopians to contemporaries, it accommodates to  genuinely everyone  and it is an impossible task trying to narrow down the list to a reasonable number. I have had no respect for my back when it came to carrying (more like having the best workout of my life) the books up and down the convention center like the Flash on a high and speaking from experience, there is not enough time to do everything in the schedule, check out my vlogs of Comic Con to see it first hand!

At an attempt to motivate my reading to pr…

Feminism in YA Fiction

A few months ago, I had the great opportunity to attend an event at Waterstones Piccadilly regarding feminism in the Young Adult genre, which opened up my eyes to the many points of view entrenched into society regarding the topic and how it affects the publishing industry. I had never had a strong interest in feminism and this meant I had very minimal understanding of it and this event truly enlightened me that my previous perceptions on the subject were false.

The three participating authors, CJ Daugherty, Holly Bourne and Holly Smale were interviewed by ELLE's literary editor Anna James and each discussed how feminism is represented in the Young Adult Genre. It was particularly highlighted that it is important to write about characters that do have flaws, ones that do make the wrong decision from time to time but it is also crucial to balance that with strong brave characters that can be looked up to. 
To me, the way to achieve this is  to move past the stereotypical girl getting…