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How To Get Over A Reading Slump

The New Year has just began and reading goals will have been set but how exactly do we achieve them when Reading Slumps come to haunt us on a daily basis.  Here are my top tips to overcome them!

 1. Re-read a favourite
Reading your favourite book will bring back the memories of obsessive, non-stop and 'forget the sleeping' reading. This will encourage you to pick up a new book to re-live those same emotions, it will get you back to a regular habit of reading once again.

2. Read a short book
As much as I love reading lengthy books, they can be daunting and this can be discouraging. Trying to get over a reading slump will be difficult with a giant 700+ novel and so picking up a short one will help you to get back in the swing of reading. I'd recommend something under 300 pages.

3. Read a novella
Novellas are quick reads that do not require a fresh mind-set as a lot of the time you are revisiting a familiar world, yet unlike rereading a book you get a fresh new story in about 100 

4. Ignore your TBR (To Be Read)/ Create a TBR Jar
We have all felt all the unread books on our shelves stare into our souls and stress us out beyond belief. My TBR shelves are so overwhelming that I often find it difficult to choose a book to read which discourages me completely. Therefore sometimes it is a good idea to write down titles on paper, put them in a jar and pick one out at random.

5. Try graphic novels
Graphic Novels are a great way to read fast and it is very motivating when you can finish a whole novel in under an hour. The illustrations also give you a new perspective of a story, which is an added bonus!

06. Set aside time for reading
When busy life takes over, it is likely that picking up a book seems like an impossible task but setting aside a set time for reading will encourage you to fit it in into your schedule. Even a 30 minute session before bed!

7. Join/Start a reading group
Picking a book to read with other people will be a great motivator, you do not want to let down the rest of the group. This can be done digitally through a Goodreads group or bookshop reading clubs.

8. Read a book your favourite author has raved about
This refers to authors that comment on other authors' books and often, their comments are published on the cover or the back of it. This has worked wonders for me as another cause of a reading slump is not knowing what to read and seeing that my favourite author has loved a book, motivates me to try it.

9. Don't read more than 1 book at once
Most of the time I start multiple books at the same time and feel pressured to finish them all at once, which can definitely trigger a reading slump. It is far less stressful to stick to one when attempting to get rid of a reading slump.

10. Try a new genre
A possible cause of a reading slump is that you have read the same genre for such a long time that you simply don't enjoy it anymore. I experienced this when reading only contemporary books, which put me into one of the worst reading slumps of my life, so I ventured into the paranormal genre at an attempt at a fresh start; it worked like a miracle.


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