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Weekly Bookhaul: Comics, Graphic Novels and ARCs

As fate would have it, imminently after filming a huge bookhaul (on which there's a signed book giveaway so check it out!), book mail arrives. Maybe this did work out for the best however, as fifteen books in a haul was crazy enough without me adding the following to make the video last five-hundred years. I received incredible packages from Turnaround UK, Simon and Schuster and Chicken House Publishing and decided to showcase them in a blog post to give you some recommendations. 

Buffy: The High School Years - Parental Parasite 

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I have always loved Buffy as a TV show but have never ventured out to the graphic novels so when I saw this in the post I quite literally beamed. This particular story is set during Season one of the show and follows Buffy as she is caught skipping school to slay and so her mother vows to keep a closer eye on her. But when Joyce becomes hypnotized by a demon, it is up to Betty to save her.

The Complete Sabrina the T…
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Royal Bastards by Andrew Shvarts

Royal Bastards follows a bastard born Tilla, who finds herself witnessing a brutal crime for which, along with her companions, she is accused of. This unforeseeable event forces her to go on the run with her brother, best friend, the visiting princess and a ruthless Zitochi warrior. As rebellion and civil war begin to brew, it is up to them to warn the King, but first they have to survive the journey. With magic and dangerous beasts on every corner, this is a new fantasy series that is bound to enchant you.

Genre: Fantasy  Ideal for Fans of:Game Of Thrones, Reign Themes:Magic, Power, Family, Betrayal POV:Single

Upon hearing this premise I didn't have to think twice about reading it, it simply had to happen. I have somewhat of an *obsessive* history with bastards, as the concept of illegitimate children of royals is so damn intriguing. Jon Snow and Bash from Reign, need I say more? 

The world building is incredible, I felt as though I was reading a future installment of an already establ…

YALC Survival Guide

I am somewhat of a self-titled YALC veteran. I have attended the event since it began, meaning I have picked up some valuable tips over the years on how to get the most out of the weekend. If you are unaware what YALC is, it is the Young Adult Literature Convention happening in London in the last weekend of July. For 3 days, Young Adult readers get together with over 100 authors to celebrate reading, with panels and signings throughout. It is needless to say that a lot of fangirling goes down. 

If you wish to know what the event is like, here is a link to my vlogs from last year...or a write up of my whole weekend. 

Before the event...
1. Plan aheadI am definitely a planning person and I cannot function at YALC without having a concise plan of what I need to do each day. Every signing, panel and actor photo shoot and free time is scheduled in, one year I even made a spreadsheet. That is how hardcore I am.

If you are travelling to the event, make sure to look up weekend train schedules as …

The Eight Stages of reading a Cassandra Clare book

Cassandra Clare will forever be a favourite author of mine. She never fails to unhinge my cold stone heart and bring along all the feels. Behold, a list of the emotional stages you will, without a doubt, encounter while devouring one of Clare's incredible novels.  1. HappinessThat feeling of opening a new book and seeing the Prologue.
2. Sleep DeprivationNever start a Cassandra Clare book in the evening. Once you start, you will never stop.
3. Falling in LoveYou come across THE ONE, who happens to flirt with the main protagonist but you know they're really flirting with you. Hey, Will Herondale.
4. MourningThe first character death occurs and you hold a silent vigil inside your mind.
5. Hysterical CryingYou have a break down every other chapter at any mention of a character from an accompanying series. Malec and Clace in The Dark Artifices say what now?
6. Trust issues Bad things happen. You question everything. The Clave wouldn'…

Meeting Adam Silvera and Celebrating the Harry Potter Anniversary

In June I had the chance to meet one of the best humans (and author!) to ever grace this earth. Adam Silvera was touring the UK promoting History Is All You Left Me! Hearing him speak about his writing was so inspiring and we got a great insight into his writing decisions regarding his latest release.

Here is some fun insider information…the reason why there are two timelines in the book, is so that there is a divide between heart-breaking and happy moments in the story as to not overwhelm the reader with emotional problems. Which is an inevitable side effect from all of Silvera’s books. Severe risk of tear ducks breaking.

If you have not heard of this wondrous publication, History Is All You Left me follows Griffin who has just lost the love of his life after a tragic drowning accident. Now the only person that understands his grief is Jackson, Theo’s new boyfriend. However, as Griffin’s destructive choices and secrets begin to tear him apart, he has to confront his history, no matter …

Fifty Bookish Questions Tag

Ever wondered what my least favourite book is and which author got me into reading? Or hear my fan-fiction confessions and why I disliked Queen of Shadows? Then behold. My bookish secrets.
I was tagged by the lovely Shannan for this tag, enjoy!
1. What was the last book you read? Royal Bastards by Andrew Shvarts
2. Was it a good one? YES 5/5 STARS!
3. What made it good? It ticks all the criteria for the perfect book. Vibrant characters, unique fantasy world and don't even get me started on the feels. I was inconsolable for the last 50 pages
4. Would you recommend it to other people? Of course. I am going in hard with the book pushing for this one
5. How often do you read? On average about 1-2 books a week 
6. Do you like to read? ...
7. What was the last bad book you read? It pains me to even say this but Queen of Shadows by Sarah J Maas
8. What made you dislike it? Before you sacrifice me to the gods, let me just say that it wasn't bad per se but it felt very disjointed to the rest of the ser…

May Wrap Up - Shadowhunter Challenges, Lord of Shadows and ACOWAR

In May, exams took over my life and so the only bookish accomplishment of the month was co-hosting the Lord Of Shadows Countdown Challenge with Sarah from Real Life Fiction! It was our way of celebrating the release, by making Shadowhunter themed videos.
In week one, we did the One Minute Challenge, in which we had to list as many Shadowhunters characters within one minute as possible. The stress levels were off the charts, check it out below to see how many I got!

Week two was a whirlwind of emotions as we played the RIP IT or SHIP IT tag, in which we picked out characters names and predicted whether they would make a good couple. I got crazy combinations, watch it below!

Following these challenges, I then rushed to Waterstones on the 23rd of May to pick up my order of Lord Of Shadows. If you are not aware, I have a whole shelf dedicated to Cassandra Clare's books and so it was imperative that I get the new book on release day. 
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