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One Of Us Is Lying by Karen McManus

One of Us Is Lying follows a multiple point of view murder mystery centered around five students that attend detention. Only four get out alive. The victim, known for exposing everyone's darkest secrets through a gossip app, has plenty of enemies, but who has the biggest motive? Based loosely on The Breakfast Club, the four contrasting personalities begin to figure out what really went down in the classroom that day in order to clear their names.

Genre: Young Adult Mystery Ideal for Fans of: Pretty Little Liars, Riverdale, Gossip Girl Themes: Betrayal, Family, Social Stereotypes  POV: Multiple

Upon hearing this synopsis, I freaked the hell out. A Geek, a Jock, a Criminal and a Princess, all caught up in a murder investigation? Let me tell you, this hits the jackpot. My immediate reaction after finishing it was slightly unstable and I say that with pride.   I JUST FINISHED ONE OF US IS LYING AND ITS MIDNIGHT AND I HAVE AN EARLY LECTURE BUT THAT IS IRRELEVANT BECAUSE THIS BOOK IS LIFE OM…
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March Wrap Up

I had been looking forward to March 2017 for exactly two years. As unhinged as that sounds, I have a very good reason for looking that far into the future, back in 2015. If you are an avid reader of Samantha Shannon, the mastermind behind The Bone Season series, then you are conscious of just how landmark the month of March was to be.

All Fall Down by Ally Carter Review

All Fall Down follows Grace who has spent the last three years trying to persuade everyone around her that her mother's death had been a murder. They all believe she's crazy and moving to Adria to live at the US Embassy with her grandfather was set to be a fresh start. Not all goes according to plan however, as Grace begins to relive the tragic night by being certain that her mother's murderer has come back and is set to kill again.

February Wrap Up

In February, Waterstones proved why they're the highlight of my life by organising a range of author events and signings, beginning with the 'Strong Girls' panel. Four brilliant voices in the YA genre spoke about what makes female characters great protagonists and it was particularly interesting how each author interpreted character strengths. Melinda Salisbury, for example, highlighted that her protagonist struggles with confidence and that not every character has to begin as a strong and skilled fighter.

Coincidentally, it also happened to be Harry Potter book day and so there was a lot of Harry Potter trivia, I vlogged the highlights with special appearances by Catherine Doyle and Katherine Webber!

CARAVAL TIME! That's right. Stephenie Garber the Queen was on her UK tour in March and she came to Waterstones for an event to discuss her writing. Caraval shot straight up to the top of my tbr after hearing about the story, which is a magical mystery and is right up my …

January Wrap Up

January was the release month of probably my most anticipated book of the year, Gilded Cage by Vic James and I was so very lucky to attend the launch, which had the most glamorous cake in the history of earth, themed around the book. If there's one book I could make everyone in the world read, it would be this one.
It is an urban fantasy, centered around an alternate Britain where not gifted citizens have to give up 10 years of their life for the Equals who rule the country. I was totally floored by this novel and being able to celebrate its release was EPIC. Check out my full review here

I am always in awe of how supportive the YA community is, the amount of authors that came to support the launch was incredible. Chatting to them and discussing books was just the highlight of the night and I got to meet Katherine Webber and Alwyn Hamilton for the first time!

I read two books in the month of January, Inferno and Mafiosa by Catherine Doyle. I seriously questioned my sanity after fin…

The British Book Challenge

Well it's March. And I'm a little late to the party but I hereby announce that I am joining the British Book Challenge. It's hosted by Chelle from Tales of Yesterday and it is all about promoting UKYA, which is something I just had to get behind. Click this link to find out all about the challenge and how to participate, there will be giveaways running throughout the year for those that join!

British authors have had a huge impact on developing the genre and most of my top 2016 books were by those brilliant UKYA voices. Check out my favorite books of last year video below!

I will be updating this page with links to all my reviews of books I've read by British authors, along with the ratings as I read them! Sin Eaters Daughter by Melinda SalisburyTrapped In Silver by Emily SowdenWing Jones by Katherine Webber (Written and Video)

Ally Carter Signed Book Giveaway!

February was a crazy month for YA literature, with so many bookish events, from author panels to signings, I thought it was time for another giveaway to spread the word of the incredible authors we have in this genre. I had the greatest chance to interview one of my favorite authors, Ally Carter, who was on her UK tour. THIS. WAS. EPIC. We filmed a Q and A and I found out some awesome insights into her writing and some hints as to when we will find out more about her secret book!

It was the perfect opportunity for me to bring an extra book for her to sign so I could do a giveaway of her latest series, Embassy Row. The plot for this trilogy is so very exciting and Ally herself gives the perfect summary as to what the main character Grace gets up in 'All Fall Down'- the book I am giving away plus some merch pictured above! Watch our interview below to learn more about this series and of course enter to win this book...rules are in the description of the video and at the end of th…